Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nordicrun 2018 (r)

Nordic Run 2018:

Nordic Run is held every second year and is a trip to the Nordic countries at Harley Davidson motorcycles

Nordic Run start in Hirtshals DK 2018-06-26 11:30
ordering ferry to Iceland can be done at:http://www.smyrilline.com/

Ferry to Iceland http://www.smyrilline.com/

Arrive in Seyðisfjörður Iceland 2018-06-28

28.06.2018 1st leg
Seyðisfjörður – Mývatn 192 Km

29.06.2018 2nd leg

Mývatn - Ketilás 200 km
30.06.2018 Stay at Landsmót Ketilás

01.07.2018 3rd leg
Ketilás - Kleppjárnsreykir 290 km

02.07.2018 4th leg
Kleppjárnsreykir - Kirkjubæjarklaustur 430 Km

02.07.2018 5th leg
Vík í Mýrdal - Höfn í Hornafirði 270 Km

03.07.2018 6th leg 213KM
Höfn í Hornafirði - Seyðisfjörður 211 Km

The Danish part of Nordic Run 2018:

Day 1: Hirtshals - Løkken - Aabybro - Brovst - Løgstør - Trend - Farsø approx. 125km. A little "Get2Gether" at CUI Riders in Farsø in the evening.

Day 2 : A roundtrip in Jutland.

Day 3 : Departure from Farsø at 6.30am

Check-in at Fjordline ferry Hitshals at 8.00am
Ferry departure at 9.00am

Ferry from Hirtshals DK to Langesund Nor 2018-07-09

Nordic Run continues in Norway 2018-07-09

(4 days approximately in Norway)

Norway 1st leg - Langesund

Norway 2nd leg

Norway 3rd leg

Norway 4th Leg

Nordic Run the Swedish part 2018-07-12 – 2018-07-17 We will mostly be driving on smaller roads. You can join the ride wherever you want.

2018-07-12 Arriving from Norway till Haganäset Camping were we will stay overnight. Possible to book cottages. Restaurant within the campingsite.
Charlottenberg camping & Stugor, Haganäset, Åmotfors
Phone: +46 571 220 23
email: haganaset@sommarvik.se

2018-07-13 We are leaving at 09.00 to Forsparken in Alfta not far from Bollnäs. There are possibilities to book cottages and hostel. We will be joining a small H-DCS Rally there with live music and so on. The cost for the Rally is SEK 300 and includes camping fee for two nights and breakfast. Food and beverages will be sold at the rally. On Saturday we will take a ride in the beautiful Hälsingland, the name of this region of Sweden.
Alfta camping & vandrarhem
Forsparksvägen 24
822 31 Alfta
+46 70 687 20 26

2018-07-15 We are leaving 09.00 and will drive to Bredängs Camping in Skärholmen just outside Stockholm. There are possibilities to book cottages and hostel. Restaurant within the campingsite. The camping site is situated about 2 km from ProBike Stockholm Syd, probably the biggest motorcyclestore in Sweden. There will be a “VIP” invitation there 2018-07-16 for us who are joining the Nordic Run

2018-07-17 We are leaving early in the morning for the ferry from Stadsgårdskajen in Stockholm to Åbo/Turkku in Finland. The ferry Viking Grace will depart 07.45 and arrive 19.00 were our Finnsh friends will meet us. You can book tickets for the ferry on www.vikingline.se. The cost for two persons on one bike is SEK 430.

Ferry from Stockholm to Finland Turku/Åbo 2018-07-17

Nordic Run continues in Finland 2018-07-17Arrive in Turku in the evening
The Finnish representatives will wait for NR18 in the harbor area.
First night stay:
Ruissalo Camping
Saarontie 25
20100 TURKU
phone. +358 2 262 5100

Finland 18.7.2018- Start at 09.00, route app. 325 km.
- Lunch at Keppana Kellari app. 11.30
- Continue 13.00
- Arrive at destination Lempäälä app. 19.00
Second night stay:
Mäyriän camping
Vanha Rantatie 105
37500 Lempäälä
(only camping, no cottages or hotels, information might change…)

Finland 19.7.2018- Start at 09.00, route app 370 km
- Breakfast will be served at H-D Tampere, app. 10 km ride from camping
- App 90 km, coffee break at Muroleen Kesäkahvila (http://muroleenkesakahvila.fi/)
- Afternoon stop at Finnish Motorcycle museum/Ace corner, Lahti (https://www.moottoripyoramuseo.fi/museo_english/) Here we will have “late lunch”.
- Arrive at destination Porvoo
Third night stay:
Sun Camping Kokonniemi Porvoo
Uddaksentie 17
06100 Porvoo
phone +35845 255 0074

Finland 20.7.2018- Start at 09.00, route app. 250 km
- Lunch at Restaurant Kuparipaja, in Fiskars (http://www.kuparipaja.fi/home.html)
End party at Road Cafe Yttis (https://www.facebook.com/ytterkulla/)
Ytterkullavägen 1
25870 Dragsfjärd
phone +358 40 0540 835

There is a rally at Road Cafe Yttis arranged by a club for ”mixed” brands, not only a Harley Rally. The organization that arranges this Saaristo-rally (Archipelago-rally) welcomes Nordic Run 2018 riders to join the rally
At site only tent camping, but in Dragsfjärd village there are some hostels (can be found on google, “accommodation dragsfjärd”)

Routes and times might be changed…

Nordic Run ends in Finland (tbc where asap) 2018-07-20

Nordic Run ® Official After Party 2018